Replay: Making event recordings available to attendees within the event

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Organizers can choose which session and stage recordings to make available to attendees inside a new event area called Replay.

Event organizers are able to select which stage or session recordings will be available. After that, event attendees will be able to filter (according to segment and dates) and watch any content they missed or would like to watch again, right from the event hosted on Hopin.



Note: The Stage and Sessions recording feature must be enabled to use Replay. 

How to make the recordings available during the event 

  • Go to the Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics. Under the section What would you like the event to have? check the Replay box and hit save at the bottom of the page. This step enables the Replay feature within the event. Screenshot_2021-09-25_at_10.25.12.png
  • Once your stage and session recordings are available, you can go on to make each of them visible within the event.
  • Go to the Event Dashboard > Recordings. This gives you access to all your event recordings. You can filter them by segment and date. 
  • Click on any of the recordings you want to make available in the Replay area of the event and hit the publish button. After this, the recording will be visible in the Replay area of the event. Screenshot_2021-07-24_at_10.36.03.png
  • You can also rename the recording, download or delete it. 

Are there any limitations?

Currently, there are some limitations to what will be recorded within your event. The following features will not be included in your available recordings:

  • Streaming using RTMP in Sessions
  • Mirroring from a Session or Stage when using RTMP
  • Integrations
  • Youtube videos

Additionally, the Replay feature is not available on the Hopin Mobile App and can currently only be accessed on a web browser. 

How to add Replay to your schedule

It's also possible to add Replay to your schedule to encourage people to catch up on sessions or stage events that they may have missed. 

  • Go to Event Dashboard > Venue > Schedule and click Add to schedule or select the + next to the time frame you want to add it to.add_replay_to_schedule_1.png
  • Select Replay from the drop-down list under Session type and fill out the required information, then click Add to schedule.


  • You will see the new segment on your schedule that will link directly to Replay when it is live. 
  • For more information on how to create a schedule, check out our guide

Other things to note: 

  • It takes a minimum of 1/3 of the recording length time in order for a recording to appear in the recording library. For example, if a recording was 60 minutes, organizers can expect to see it in the recording library in roughly 20 minutes. However, it can take up to 24 hours for your recordings to become available. 
  • Organizers are not able to manually upload videos to the Replay area of the event; can publish only existing Session/Stage recordings.
  • Replay does not have video editing functions such as trimming. 
  • Replay is available for all ticket types and cannot currently be restricted by ticket type. 
  • If Replay is enabled/disabled by the organizer during a live event, attendees will need to hard refresh in order to see the change reflected in the event.
  • Analytics for this feature are not yet available. 

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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