How to purchase event tickets for other attendees, excluding yourself

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You can now register multiple attendees for an event hosted on Hopin while excluding yourself - with or without creating an account or signing in,

Purchasing event tickets one by one

On the Registration page of the event, click on Join Event.


Select one ticket and click on Continue as guest at the bottom of the widget.


Fill in basic details of the person that will attend the event. Click on Complete Order to finalize the process.


On the next page, click on Buy another ticket and repeat the process by filling in the details of another attendee.


Once the order is complete, a unique registration link will be sent to the email address you provided.


The invitees will need to click on Go to event to complete the registration.

If the attendees already have a Hopin account, they will be automatically logged into it and redirected to the event Reception page.

If they don’t have a Hopin account, they will be asked to agree to our terms and conditions first. Then a Hopin account will be automatically created for them.

Purchasing event tickets in bulk

You can buy multiple event tickets for different attendees at once. Select the number of tickets you need in the checkout widget and click Continue to place your order.


Assign each purchased ticket by providing the first name, last name, and email address of the invited attendees and click Continue to proceed.


Provide payment details and click Complete registration to finish.


Invited users will receive an invitation to the email you provided with a unique link to register for the event. Through this email, they can accept or decline an invitation and even remove their data. If they accept, when they go to the event page they will be asked to answer additional registration questions, if set by the event organizer.


Note:When registering as a guest the user is not asked to set a password for their Hopin account. If they would like to access the account later on, independently from this particular event, they need to reset the password.

That's it! The attendees you invited can go on to access the event when it is time.


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