What to provide for the Organizer to create an Expo Booth on your behalf

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You have a booth at an event hosted on Hopin. Congratulations! Here is a comprehensive list of all you need to provide to the Organizer in order for them to set up your Expo Booth properly. 

Note: This is for expo booths that are set up by the Event Organizer (Free, Starter and Growth plans). If you received an invitation to access your own Vendor Dashboard and set up the booth yourself, check out this article: Setting up an Expo Booth as an Exhibitor.
Tip: You might want to go through the Expo tutorial to learn more about expo booths and understand what type of booth suits your business needs. This video will walk you through the Expo functionality.

Here is what the Organizer will need to set up your Booth:

  • Exhibitor Name (required): Your company’s name
  • Exhibitor Email (required): Contact email address
  • Exhibitor Headline (required): A short impactful description of the company. For example, “The best online events platform”. Maximum 40-195 characters, depending on the booth’s size. For detailed guidelines see the Maximum Character Limits
  • About (required): Short information about the Exhibitor, 700 characters maximum.
  • Content Provider and a link to the content (required): Decide the type of content for your booth. You can choose between a YouTube/Vimeo/Wistia video, Google Slides presentation or Session. In the Expo Tutorial you will find thorough descriptions and tips for all content providers.
  • Button Text and Action (required): Action can be either Register interest (sends attendee emails to the Exhibitor email on click) or Link to website (opens any website or external resource for downloading more content from the Exhibitor). Button text is a short call to action (maximum 50 characters).
  • Booth Size and Priority: Expo booths can have different sizes and are ordered according to their priority. These parameters should be defined in your agreement with the Event Organizer.
  • Logo: Use .png, .jpg, .jpeg or .gif file extensions, 2Mb maximum. Make sure all important information is center-aligned. See more on image dimensions here
  • Background Image (for Small, Medium and Large booths): Check the Image Size and Gif File Dimensions to ensure the image you are uploading is correct for your booth’s size.
  • Tags: Provide keywords for your booth if you want it to be searchable by tags during the event.
  • Social links: Links to your Website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.
  • Offer (discounts/promotions): You can include a special promotion for booth visitors here. (For example, “10% discount for all event attendees using code #Happyevent”)
  • Integrations: Reach out to the Organizer for details on integrations available at the event.
  • Additional information: You can add description, embed widgets, provide file downloads and insert deep links here. The Additional Information section will show under the video player.

You’re all set! You can go on to access your booth when it’s time for the event. 


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