How to access Hopin subscription receipts for Starter and Growth plans

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If you have subscribed to Hopin's Starter or Growth plans and wondering where to access all the previous receipts please follow the below steps to find out how. 

Note: All your receipt will also be sent each month/year to the email address your organization is registered with.

To access your receipts first log in to your Hopin account, select the organization you want to access receipts for on the left side then select the Billing tab. 

On the Billing tab click the Manage subscription button, a new pop up will open.


Click on Billing History to access all your plan receipts. 


Note: The steps above are valid for both Starter and Growth plans.

You will also be able to access and edit other details such as:

  • Account Information
  • Billing & Shipping Addresses
  • Payment Methods

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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