How to get the final count of registrations for your event

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To get an accurate count of the number of registrations for your event, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Event Dashboard > Analytics > Registrations.
  • Find the Total Registrations count on the registration analytics dashboard. This represents the total number of tickets purchased for your event (i.e. customers who purchased tickets in bulk for themselves or others, and customers who purchased tickets as guests). 


Note: The Total Registrations count is different from the number of attendees registered for the event. 

To find the total number of attendees registered for your event, find the Registered Users count on the registration analytics page. 


You can also go to the Event Dashboard > People > Attendees. The number of people who purchased a ticket will be displayed at the top. 


To find the number of tickets ordered for each ticket type, go to the Event Dashboard > Registrations > Tickets. The number listed within the Registrations Column represents the number of ticket orders out of max registrations for each ticket type. 


Note: Organizers will be charged for the Registered users number, which is the same number they can get from their Registrants report.


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