How to moderate an event hosted on Hopin

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During an event, organizers and moderators are able to moderate the content according to the event guidelines. The following actions help Moderators and Organizers moderate an event: 

  • Muting an Attendee in chat, polls and Q&A (Organizers only)
  • Blocking an Attendee for the event (Organizers only)
  • Deleting chat messages (Organizers only)
  • Moderating Q&A (Organizers and Moderators) 
  • Allowing Attendees to share audio and video (Organizers and Moderators)

Muting an Attendee in chat, polls and Q&A (Organizers only)

Organizers can mute any Attendee and prevent them from posting chat messages, answering polls and asking Q&A questions.

To do this, click on the People tab of the event and find the user's name. Click on the name, and then the three dots ••• by the name. Select Mute this person.
Muted Attendees will see a message that says "You have been muted by the organizer" if they try to post in chat or answer a poll/Q&A, this also includes direct messages to other Attendees. They will still be able to ask to share their audio and video.

Blocking an Attendee from the event (Organizers only)

To do this, click on the People tab of the event and find the user's name. Click on the name, and then the three-dot by the name. Select Block this person.


This will remove the Attendee from the event and prevent them from registering again with the same email address.
The blocked Attendee will receive a pop-up that says “You are blocked from the event," as well as an email stating that their ticket has been removed. The Attendee will be redirected to their Hopin account with no possibility to re-enter the event. 

To unblock an Attendee, go to the Event Dashboard > People > Attendees > find the Attendee in question (they will have a BLOCKED status) and click on three dots ••• by their name.


Then click Unblock.

Deleting chat messages (Organizers only)

As an organizer, you can delete any message in the event chat area. To do this, hover over the message and click on the red trash icon. Then click Delete. The message will be immediately removed for everyone in the event.
Deleting chat messages is only available to event organizers. Session and Booth Moderators cannot delete messages from their Booth or Session chat.

Moderating Q&A (Organizers and Moderators)

Organizers can enable Q&A moderation from the Event Dashboard > Venue > Venue controls. When enabled, all questions need to be approved to appear in the Q&A tab. Only event organizers can approve and delete questions in the event-wide Q&A, while Session/Booth Moderators can approve and delete questions in their respective Session/Booth Q&A sections.

To approve a question, hover over it and click on the check icon.


Allowing attendees to share audio and video (Organizers and Moderators)

When an attendee requests to go on-screen with their audio and video, their name and profile picture appear under the Moderation Panel at the bottom left. 


The Moderator can hover over the profile picture of an Attendee they would like to add on-screen and click the "+" sign to add that attendee on-screen.


The Moderator can take off speakers from the Session screen or the speaker's screen share by clicking the three dots ••• by the speaker or screen share and click Remove. 




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