Early Access: Allowing attendees to access the event before the start time

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With Early Access, event organizers can now allow event attendees to access the event up to 2 weeks before it’s live. This makes it easier for attendees to prepare and get excited for the event.

What does Early Access mean?

The  Early Access feature will allow attendees to organise and maximise their time within an event. With this, Hopin attendees will:

  • Receive a check-in email (customizable for advanced plans)
  • Preview the event schedule
  • Set their agenda (if enabled)
  • Participate in chat, Q&A and polls (if enabled) 
  • Schedule meetings with other attendees

Setting it up

To enable this feature, navigate to the Event Dashboard > Setup > Basics. On this screen, organizers can enable/disable the Early Access functionality and also determine how early this will be available to attendees ahead of the event start.

Note: Early Access can only be enabled for up to 2 weeks before the event starts.


Attendee Notification

Once Early Access is available, event attendees will be notified via email with a “Time to check in” message, inviting them to Check-in.

Note: this check-in email is customizable on Growth, Business, and Enterprise plans only. Check-in emails will only be sent to attendees that registered before the doors opened early to avoid email fatigue.

Available activities during Early Access

Although event attendees won’t be able to access other event areas yet, such as the Sessions, Stage, Networking or Expo Booths, they will be able to interact with the event schedule and other attendees, as described below:

Event Schedule

During Early Access, the event schedule will be displayed in the Reception area. With this, attendees can not only view it but also add items from the event schedule to their own agenda (requires My Agenda enabled) to make the most of their time within the event. 

Find the schedule segment you are interested in and click Add to My Agenda. You can view your agenda by clicking on My Agenda in the right hand side tab.


Pre-Event Meetings

To foster connections during the Early Access period, event attendees will be able book and hold meetings ahead of the event start. 

The organizer will need to enable pre-event meetings by going to the Event Dashboard > Venue > Venue Controls and check the box for 


To add a meeting to your pre-event schedule, follow our guide on scheduling meetings.

Audience Engagement

During the Early Access period, event attendees will be to participate in the Chat, Q&A and Polls - as long as these are enabled. This will help create more engagement for your attendees before the event start and also provide meaningful insights to event organizers.

You can find the Polls, Chat, and Q&A in the panel on the right-hand side where you can switch between them by selecting the relevant tabs. 


Also, during Early Access, there will be a Recently Joined section where the most recent registered attendees will be displayed, giving a more dynamic feeling to the Reception area.

Feel free to reach out to us at support@hopin.com in case you have questions or need assistance.

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