How to create a registration page using the default registration style

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At Hopin, we’ve built our own registration system so you don’t have to worry about using another platform to collect, track, manage, and accept payments for your attendees.

However, it’s totally possible to use a separate registration system for your online event on Hopin using our “Magic Link” one-click event entrance solution on our advanced plans together with our third-party registration systems integrations (Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.).

There are two ways to build a registration page for your events: Hopin Default and Hopin Canvas

The Hopin Default registration style looks like this: 


While the Hopin Canvas style is a much more customizable landing page for your event. Example below:


In this article, we will be going over how to create your registration page using the Hopin Default registration style. 

Before getting started, ensure your registration details and tickets have all been set up before creating the registration page. 

To get started,

  • Go to the Event Dashboard > Registration > Registration page. 
  • Select the Hopin Default and click on Edit Page


  • In the About box, input a description of the event and any other details you'd like to include regarding the event. You have options to customize the text font, colour, as well as add a hyperlink and add media files. See more on Customizable Custom area here


  • If you have sponsors for your event and you’d like to display them on your registration page, you can add them in the sponsor section. Sponsor logos can be tiered into three levels of sponsorships: gold, silver and bronze (all plans) or add additional tiers and rename them (Advanced plans only).


  • Hit Save once you're done setting up the page. 

How do I find the link of my registration page? 

You can find your registration page link on the Overview page of the event dashboard under Event Links.


Click View Links to access them in a pop-up window as shown below.


I want to add my organization's contact info on the registration page

If you'd like to add a website, email, and social media contacts to your registration page, make sure they are also added to your organization's profile page. Make sure to fill in:

  • Organization email
  • Website
  • Twitter
  • Facebook


Once the above details are filled in they will appear on the registration page under the Hosted by section.



Other things to note

  • If you add a schedule to your event, the schedule will show up on the registration page. Any added booths and speakers will also be displayed here.
  • You can change the default image displayed on the registration page through the basics tab of the event dashboard. Learn more here
  • If you’d like to customize your event’s description text on social media shares and search engines results, use this guide to do that. If you don’t input custom text a generic Hopin description will appear by default.
  • Hopin only collects the following information from attendees when they register for a ticket to an event: First Name, Last Name and Email Address. To add more fields to the registration page, see this article
  • Your registration page will not be accessible to your attendees until you publish your event.

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