How to create a Session

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All_plans_.pngCreating sessions is like creating separate virtual areas for your guests to enjoy and hang out in. 

To create a session, navigate to your Event Dashboard and then to Venue > Sessions > Add Session.


Once you select Add Session, you will see a screen where you can set up the details for your new session. 


  • Session title - set the title of your session
  • Session description - share some more information about what your attendees can expect from this session
  • Session picture - this will be used as the banner for the session 
  • Tags - add different labels so that attendees can filter and search for different sessions more easily
  • Who can watch - choose who can watch this session (anyone, private, specific ticket types, unlisted)
    • If you choose "specific ticket types" you will have to choose which ticket types can view these Sessions and only those with the specified tickets will see these Sessions in the schedule or in the Sessions page
  • Who can participate - decide who can share their video and audio during a session (anyone, invite-only, or moderated). Find out more about attendee permissions in sessions here
  • Priority - prioritize your sessions by giving them each a number - those with a lower number will be shown at the top of the page
  • Booth size - determines how much space each session takes up on the page - a large session will take up twice as much space as a medium-sized session
  • Session scheduling - choose whether or not you would like to connect your session to a schedule segment - you can select from:
    • Scheduled = Your session can be linked to schedule segments and will be displayed on your schedule
    • Always open = These sessions are not displayed on the schedule and attendees can access them at any time in the Sessions tab of your event
  • Maximum Participants - set a limit to how many people can share their audio/video and thus controlling how many viewers you can have, also. 

Advanced Settings

  • Video Settings - select the video quality, enable youtube sharing and choose to record this session

RTMP Settings

  • RTMP streaming allows you to share content from your computer directly to your session on Hopin. You can learn more about RTMP streaming with our guide.


  • If you select the Add an app button it will take you to the Hopin App Store where you can install and enable various third-party apps such as Twitter and Slido. Once enabled, you can return to the sessions page to set it up.

Additional Info

  • In this section, you can any additional information that you'd like your attendees to see in relation to each session you create. You can even add hyperlinks and embed files here. 

Once you have finished, make sure that you click Save and your session will be displayed on your sessions page where you can edit or delete it by using the icons on the right hand side. 


As you begin to build your event, you will be able to add and edit sessions to cater to your audiences. For more information about sessions and how you can use them to their full potential check out our Sessions Tutorial.



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