How to update your profile details

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Your profile details are what will be displayed to your fellow attendees when you attend an event. You can choose to share your full name, a small bio, and even links to your social media sites. You can also update your email address and change your password here, too. 

When you enter an event, you will see the event tab on the right-hand side. There, you can select the People tab and choose to view someone's profile. Other attendees can view your profile in the same way, as long as the organizers have enabled this


There are several ways you can access profile settings.

When you first log in to your Hopin account you will be brought to your account home page. Here you can select Profile on the top banner or click on your icon image. The latter will extend an additional menu where you can select Profile, and you will be directed to the same page.


You will be taken to your profile page where you can make the following edits: 


First Name: Add your preferred name

Last Name: Add your surname

Headline: Include a small headline about yourself so people know who you are. It could be your job title, your favourite quote, or even "crazy dog mom"

Bio: Here you can include a little more information about yourself 

Email: You can edit/change your email address.

Note: your email address needs to be filled out to be able to save your profile. 

Change Password: Change and update your Hopin account password

If you select Change password it will open additional fields that will prompt you to insert your current password and then to create and confirm a new password. The new passwords must match for you to be able to save your changes. 


Social Profiles: Add links to your LinkedIn, Twitter, and website. You can copy these straight out of the URL bar on your browser to ensure you don't make any typos. 

Delete Account: You can permanently delete your Hopin account from here, too. You will need to type out the confirmation phrase that is provided and then select Delete account. For more information on what happens when you delete your account click here.

How to update your profile details within an event

You can also edit your profile when you are in an event by clicking on your icon in the top right-hand corner and selecting Edit profile. 


Note: This option will open a small pop-up over your event and you will not be able to edit all of your profile settings in this way. 



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