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This report lists all the people who successfully registered to your event along with details about their registration. The ordering is based on the time of registration, therefore those who registered first are at the top of the list. 

Note: This report excludes organization team members and expo booth managers. 

To download the report go to Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports, find the Attendees Report and click Generate


You can also download this report from the Event Dashboard > People > Attendees page and clicking Export as CSV


Once you have generated the report, click on the Download history tab (Analytics > Reports) and you should see your report at the top of the list. Hover over the report and the Download button will appear. Clicking on this will download the report to your computer. 


The Attendees Report will look something like this:


  • Email: the email of the attendee
  • First Name: the first name of the attendee
  • Last Name: the surname of the attendee
  • Ticket Group: the group that the attendee's ticket belongs to
  • Ticket Type: the name of the ticket purchased
  • Price Paid: how much was paid for the ticket 
  • Promo Code: the name of the promo code applied or "No Promo"
  • Registration Date: date that the attendee registered for the event
  • Registration Time: time that the attendee registered for the event
  • Registration Status: will show as "Pending Acceptance", "Active", or "Refunded" 
  • Attendance Status: this will say "TRUE" if the user attended the event during the event hours, even if just for a few seconds, and "FALSE" if they did not attend the event at all 
  • Role: role of the person within the event
  • Custom Form Completed: if you created a custom registration from, this will show whether or not it was completed. 
  • Additional Custom Form Questions: there will additional columns for each question you created

Note: some analytics may be affected if Attendees and Organizers are using Ad Blockers.

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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