What does Pending Acceptance mean?

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You may notice that it says "pending acceptance" next to some of your attendees on the Event Dashboard > People > Attendees page. This is why you may see this status and what you can do about it.


What is "Pending Acceptance"?

Pending acceptance is when an attendee receives a verification email but does not follow the steps to complete the registration process for an event.There is only one way that an attendee may receive a verification email:

  • Bulk Purchase: If one attendee checks out with more than one ticket, they will be asked to assign the remaining tickets. This involves entering in the additional attendee's name and email address which then triggers a a link to be sent to them via email. If the attendees receive the verification email but do not click on the link, they will show as "Pending Acceptance" until they do.  For more information on bulk purchasing tickets, check out this guide

Attendees need to complete their registration by clicking on the button in their verification email in order to move out of the Pending Acceptance state. There is nothing an Organizer can do to change their status other than remind them to click the Verify button.



Note: The verification email sent to the above attendees is different from the Magic Link Invitation (advanced plans only) found under Event Dashboard > Marketing > Customize Emails and cannot be edited at this time.

Pending acceptance means an attendee is not yet fully registered thus are not counted in the number of registrations on the Overview page and will not receive any of the system emails. However, they will count towards the Total Registrations on the Event Dashboard > Analytics > Registrations page.

You will not be charged for pending acceptance registrations.


Can I resend the verification emails to my attendees?

Although you cannot resend the verification emails, you can send an email to remind those with Pending Acceptance status to complete their registration.

Check out our guide on how to send emails to pending acceptance attendees.



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