Participation Duration Report

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The Participation Duration report is available on the Advanced plans only. This report will show the time spent by attendees in different areas of the event such as a booth, a session, networking, etc., depending on which report you choose to generate from the dropdown menu. This will not include if an attendee was in the event before or after the scheduled start time.

Note: Organization team members and expo booth managers are excluded from this report.

Participation data capturing might be limited by ad-blockers or corporate firewalls with strict rules. In such cases, the report might fail to contain positive minutes spent values for known attendees.

To download the report go to Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports, find the Participation Duration report and click Generate


Once you have generated the report, click on Download history and you should see your report at the top of the list. Hover over the report and the Download button will appear. Clicking on this will download the report to your computer. 


The Participation Duration report will look something like this:


  • Email: the email address of the attendee that participated
  • Name: full name of the attendee
  • Headline: the headline of the attendee
  • Location: country which the attendee was viewing from (this is based on their IP address therefore this may have limited accuracy)
  • Ticket: the ticket type that the attendee purchased
  • Minutes_spent: the number of minutes the attendee spent in the event
  • Registered_at: the date and time at which the attendee registered to the event 
  • Purchase_price: the amount paid for the ticket 
  • Registration_source: how the attendee registered for the event; this will display either "event" or "magic link"
  • Affiliate_name: if the attendee registered by clicking through an affiliate link that was set up on the dashboard, this field will contain the affiliate’s name

It's important to note that although an attendee may be in the event for an extended period of time, this report does not state whether or not they actually interacted with any event areas. 

For more information on where an attendee moved throughout the event, you should look at the Attendee Activities report.

Note: some analytics may be affected if Attendees and Organizers are using Ad Blockers.


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