What can you find on the Expo Summary page?

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On your Expo Summary page, you can review the different expo booths that you have within your event, download individual reports for each booth, and even see the number of users that expressed interest or click on URLs within specific booths. 

To access your Expo Summary page, you will need to go to your Event Dashboard > Analytics > Expo Summary. 

It will look something like this: expo_summary.png

Each Expo Booth will be displayed separately under the name of the booth, and you will have the option to download individual reports for each one:

  • Download Booth Summary (CSV),
  • Download chat messages (CSV) or (HTML),
  • Download the list of user interactions (CSV) 

You can also see the following data displayed:

  • Number of users that expressed interest: how many attendees clicked the Register Interest button
  • Number of URL clicks: how many attendees clicked any of the URLs displayed on the booth, this includes Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and any website link.

If you choose to download one of the aforementioned reports, a green pop-up will be displayed to say that it is in the queue and you will be emailed once it is ready. You can access this report by finding the email in your inbox, or navigating to Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports and clicking on the Download History tab. When hovering over the report you would like, you can click on the Download button and it will be downloaded to your computer.


Expo Summary 

The Expo Summary report can also be downloaded from the Reports page (Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports) and selecting the Expo Booth you need from under the Event Summary report.

It will look something like this:


  • Visitors:1 the number of attendees that visited the expo booth
  • Average Visit Time (mins):1 average time spent in the booth by the attendees that visited the booth
  • Unique Visitors That Interacted: number of visitors that interacted with the booth - this includes the visitors that clicked the Register Interest button, left a comment in the chat, or clicked on one of the booth's links
  • Number of Interest Registered: the number of attendees that clicked the Register Interest button
  • Number of URLs Clicked: number of times a booth link was clicked, this includes social media links or URLs
  • Number of Comments: how many comments were left on the Expo Booth chat
  • Total Number of Interactions: the sum of the number of comments, number of URLs clicked, and the number of Interest Registered

1 - this does not include members of the organization team or expo booth managers.

Expo Chat

The Expo Chat reports can also be downloaded from the Reports page (Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports) and selecting the relevant report under the Event Chat report.


  • Time: the time at which the message was sent
  • Author: the attendee who sent the message
  • Text: what the chat message said. If a message was deleted by the organizer, this will read "This message was deleted"

These reports will include messages from Organizers and Expo Booth Vendors.

List of User Interactions

This report is also known as the Booths Interactions report and can be found on the Event Dashboard > Analytics > Report page, too. 

The report will look something like this:


  • Created_at: The time at which the interaction took place (when the attendee clicked on the link)
  • url: The URL that the attendee clicked - this can be the Register Interest button or any of the links to social media that are displayed in the booth. If the Register Interest button is set to "Link to webpage" this will show as the website URL. 
  • Name: The name of the attendee that interacted with the booth
  • Email: The email address of the attendee
  • Headline: The headline of the attendee
  • Country: The country that the attendee is based in (this is based on the attendees IP address, therefore, is not always accurate)
  • Ticket: The type of ticket that the attendee purchased

Note: You cannot download a report that includes all of the interactions in all of the expo booths; you will have to download each individually. 


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