Basic Event Customization: How to Change Your Primary Event Color (Simple Theme)

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image7.pngIf you would like to align your Hopin event venue colors with your branding, you can follow this guide to create a simple theme with just a few clicks. 

With Simple theme, you can replace Hopin default color across the event venue. The default color is used in the Chat, buttons, Polls, Side navigation menu, etc.

This is an example of how it would look:


How to find the HEX Color Code

Before you get started, you will need to know the HEX codes for your brand's colors. If you don’t know the HEX codes, you can use this online color picker to upload your logo or image and it will generate the color codes for you.

Changing the primary color

Go to your Event Dashboard > Setup > Theme. You will see a header named "Color". In the field titled "Primary color" input the HEX code (starting with the # symbol) of your preferred brand color.

Note: it is important that you input the HEX code here and not an RGB value or the name of a color (i.e. "blue" or "red") as this could cause an error. 

Don’t forget to click Save to apply the changes. 


Once the changes are saved, click on the Preview event button in the top right corner to preview your event and see how it looks with a Simple theme applied.

Tip: Check the contrast for the best results

For this Simple theme, to make sure that your paragraphs and headlines are readable, you can use this online tool to check the contrast between your chosen color and the white background. Please, remember that it’s important to pass AA standards for Large Text and Graphical Objects and User Interface Components.

You can learn more about readability and accessibility in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


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