Using Closed Captions (Sessions, Expo Booths, Networking)

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To support our mission of making the world Feel Closer, we want to make Hopin more accessible and we believe that Closed Captions will help! This feature will transcribe each speaker's audio so all attendees know what was said, and by who. 

As an attendee, you can toggle Closed Captions on and off at any time with a simple click of a button. This feature is available in Sessions, Expo Booths, Networking and Stages. Check out our separate article for Closed Captions in the Stage and in Replay.

Note: Captions are only available on Desktop versions of Hopin. 

Head to the Event Area you would like to watch or participate in and click the CC button at the bottom of the screen.


Once you have clicked the icon, the video displays will become smaller and you will see the captions being generated underneath. 

To turn closed captions off again, just click the CC button once more and the video displays will return to full view. 

The captions will show who said what so that it is easy to follow the conversation. closed_captions_sessions_3.png

Will captions be recorded? 

Unfortunately, the captions will not be recorded.

What languages are closed captions available in?

At the moment, closed captions will only work in English (American, British, and Canadian)

Are closed captions always available within Sessions? 

At this time, closed captions are not available when streaming with RTMP or when sharing a YouTube video. 

Why are the closed captions not in sync?

If the captions seem to be out of sync, or perhaps aren't showing the right words it, could be for a number of reasons:

  • Your internet connection is unstable
  • A different language is being spoken
  • AI-generated captions are not always completely accurate so there may always be some errors


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