Setting up ActiveCampaign on the Hopin platform

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What are the capabilities of the Hopin<>ActiveCampaign integration?

  1. Export registrations from Hopin → ActiveCampaign (would create the contact with the registration details and add them to a registration list in ActiveCampaign which would be created for each event).
  2. Export attendee status (would create the contact with the registration details and add them to an attendee list in ActiveCampaign which would be created for each event).

Which plans are the Hopin<>ActiveCampaign integration currently available on?

The ActiveCampaign integration is available to all Hopin plans.

Integration guide

1. To get started, you will need to install the ActiveCampaign app to your Hopin Organisation. You can access the app store by going to your Organization Dashboard and heading to the Apps tab. Then click on Discover More on App Store. 


You can find ActiveCampaign under the Marketing category, or you can follow this link to go directly to the page. Click Install app to add the ActiveCampaign app to your Organization.


2. When prompted, click on New authentication and provide the Base URL and API Key of your ActiveCampaign account.

In order to get these details, head to your ActiveCampaign account and sign in. Navigate to the Settings > Developer tab.

From the Developer Settings page, you can copy and paste the URL and API Key on the authentication window (as shown below) and click on Save to authorize your ActiveCampaign account.


3. Once you've authenticated your account, click Next and proceed to the ActiveCampaign contact mapping screen.


4. On the second screen you will see the information that will be populated on the Contact object in ActiveCampaign when someone registers to your event in Hopin. Click Next to proceed.


5. On the next screen, if you wish to map more fields between Hopin and ActiveCampaign when a participant registers to your events, please add these here. Choose the required fields from the Hopin Fields dropdown first and then select the corresponding ActiveCampaign Fields. Click Add Custom Field mapping to add more. When you have added your custom fields, click Next to proceed.

Untitled__16_.png   Untitled__17_.png

Note: Hopin Fields are a specific set and should not be confused with registration form fields. Only the default fields that appear when choosing from the dropdown when installing the app are currently available to be mapped with ActiveCampaign such as Headline, Bio, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 


Also note that to be able to be mapped successfully you will have to create a corresponding field in ActiveCampaign, under Lists/Manage Fields, it can have a different name but it needs to be created first for it to be able to be mapped from the dropdown when installing the app. For example below a Headline field of type Text Input has been created in ActiveCampaign first. 


Once created you can then map the Headline field with the ActiveCampaign Fields dropdown and add more if needed or proceed to the next step. If it still doesn't display go to the previous step by clicking on Previous at the bottom right to refresh the window and try again.


6. On the next screen you can choose to export participant attendee status from Hopin by selecting the checkbox below and clicking Finish.


7. Once you have clicked the Finish button you should get the below popup stating that the app has been installed successfully.


Testing the ActiveCampaign Integration

1. We can now test the app's functionality. First, you can create a registration in Hopin to check that it's pushed into ActiveCampaign. To do that, you can navigate to the Events tab, select an event, and use the Preview Registration button to access the registration page (this assumes at least one ticket has been created and the event has been published).


2. Register for the event in the registration page (if you have already registered with your account, you can refund and block yourself to be able to purchase a ticket with the same email address).


Note: If a Hopin user with a specific email has updated their First name, Last name, Twitter, Headline, etc, in their Hopin account profile since the contact was first created in ActiveCampaign the same details will also be updated in the existing contact when they register for a new event. For example: John Doe decides to change their Hopin profile details to James Smith, then the existing contact in ActiveCampaign will also be updated to James Smith when they register for a second event.

3. Once you register for an event, if your contact is not in ActiveCampaign, a new one will be created. If the contact already exists, it will be updated with new details (such as any change of First name, Last name, Headline, Twitter, etc) and new events' lists.



4. We can also observe that the contact is added to Registered and Attended lists automatically by the Hopin integration when the user registered and once they actually attended the event. The same lists will also appear under the Lists tab in ActiveCampaign.


Important Note: Depending on the ActiveCampaign user privileges the Registered and Attended lists generated by the Hopin integration may not appear in ActiveCampaign's Lists section. This is likely due to the user's group permissions settings. Please follow the steps here from ActiveCampaign's own Knowledge Base to set the correct group permissions for users and provide them access to view all the lists.

And that's how to integrate ActiveCampaign with Hopin!


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