How to enable Closed Captions within the Stage

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Closed Captions is a great feature that will make your event more accessible to all. Although Closed Captions within Sessions is automatically available to your attendees, if you would like to enable it within Stages, you will need to turn it on within your Event Dashboard. 

You will be able to turn enable Closed Captions for individual Stages as part of the setup. 

Head to your Event Dashboard > Venue > Stage/s and take a look at the Stages you have created. Each Stage will have a small CC icon next to the name of the Stream Provider it has set up. If Closed Captions is not enabled on the Stage, this icon will have a red line through it. 

To manage Closed Captions within a stage, click Edit


Once you are in the Stage settings, scroll down to the heading called "Live closed captioning" and tick the box. Don't forget to hit Save. 


If you turn this feature on/off in the middle of a live Stage segment, any attendees within the Stage area will see a notification to say that Closed Captions have been enabled/disabled. 


Once on, the attendees will see the CC button at the bottom of the video feed.



Please keep in mind that there are some known limitations of Closed Captions when using them in the Stage areas:

  • They do not function in full screen mode
  • Not available in Firefox or Safari
  • Not available on the Mobile App
  • It will not identify who said what, but only what is said
  • Captions will not be recorded

  • Captions will only work in English (American, British, and Canadian)

For more information about the attendee experience with Closed Captions, check out this article.

You can also use Closed Captions within Sessions, too! 

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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