Using the Simplified Dashboard

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We understand that if you're only wanting to create a simple event, you may not need the extensive range of features that we have available on Hopin. This is why you can now use a Simplified Event Dashboard if you use some of our Event Templates. On the left is an example of the Simplified Dashboard vs. the Dashboard for Advanced plans on the right hand side. 


As you can see, it is condensed down to include some of the most important and most-used aspects of your event! This means that you will be able to build your event quickly and easily. 

Note: The simplified dashboard is currently only available when choosing the following event templates:
  • Meet ups
  • Internal company event
  • Webinars

When you first enter your Event Dashboard, it may look slightly different depending on which Template you chose when creating your event. 

There may be some panels that are labelled as "required," others as "optional," and some will have a green tick to show that they have been completed.

Overview-Hopin.pngClick on any of these panels to go directly to that section of your Event Dashboard and to begin building your event.

Note: You can still publish your event if there are items pending, or if you do not complete a "Required" task.  

If at any time you would like to access the entire dashboard and all the features available on your chosen plan, you can simply toggle on Advanced settings on the panel on the left-hand side. 



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