How to schedule an email to attendees

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If are sending emails to your Attendees before the event, you may find you need to schedule some for a specific time. 

Although there are some emails that are sent out automatically on a schedule (e.g. one day before your event start time), you now have the flexibility to schedule custom emails for any time. 

To get started, head to your Event Dashboard > Marketing > Email Attendees page and either select which email you would like to edit, or click Create email at the top of the page. 


Make any edits you need to make and then click Save and Preview in the top right hand corner. 

Tip: Use these guide on how to email your attendees and how to use Liquid Templates to edit them. 


To schedule the email, click the small triangle on the right hand side of the Send email button and then click Send later from the drop down that appears.


A new panel will appear. Select the time, date, and time zone for when you would like to schedule the email and click Save.


Now, in the top right corner you will see a button that says Schedule and the date/time you have scheduled the email for. Click this button. 


A new pop-up will display the details of your email - double check the date and time, and the attendees you are sending it to, and then click Schedule email.


Now, in the Email Attendees page you will see an orange "Scheduled" label next to your email. 


Editing your scheduled email

You can edit, cancel the schedule for your email, copy, or delete the email by clicking on the respective icons when hovering over each email. 


Note: The email cannot be edited within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. 



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