How to add floor plans to your event

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If you are creating a Hybrid event then you may want to add Floorplans so that your Attendees can easily find their way around your Onsite event. 

Simply go to your Event Dashboard > Onsite > Floorplans, and click on Add floorplan to get started.


A new panel will open on the right hand side where you can enter the name of your floorplan, as well as upload an image (PNG, JPG or PDF).

Click Save to create the floor plan.


Once created, you can click Preview Floor Plan which will open the image you uploaded in a new tab. 

Alternatively, hover over the entry to display two additional icons. Click the pencil icon to edit the Floor Plan (including changing the name and the image), or the trash can icon to delete the Floor Plan.


Now, when your attendees view your event on their Mobile app, they'll be able to see the floor plans and easily navigate around your event. Check out this article for more information.

Note: If you, an Organizer, would like to preview the floor plans, you will need to purchase a regular ticket to do so. 



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