How to ask a question in the Q&A tab

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During a presentation hosted on Hopin, not all attendees get the chance to hop on camera and ask their questions. While the chat area may be a great way to share queries, the Q&A feature is an even better way to do it!

Go to your desired event segment e.g Sessions or Stages and click on the Q&A tab.

Click the ask a question button which will open a text box where you can type your question.

Note: Attendees can ask up to 500 questions per event segment. 


You can choose to be anonymous by using the Ask anonymously toggle button.


Don’t forget to click the Ask button to post your question. 


How to delete a question

You can delete a question that you have asked at any time throughout an event.

Note: If you asked a question anonymously, you cannot delete it.

Simply find the question that you would like to delete and click on the 3-dots on the right hand side. 

Click Delete question from the drop down menu that appears.



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