How to edit Sessions in bulk

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Editing Sessions just got easier! Now, you can edit multiple Sessions at the same time, saving you time and reducing errors. If you need to delete multiple Sessions, check out this article.

Note: You can still edit one Session at a time by hovering over the Session and clicking the pencil icon.


Head to your Event Dashboard > Venue > Sessions to get started. 

To begin bulk editing, click on the boxes on the left hand side of the Session names. You can click the box at the very top to select all of them, or you can select one at a time.


Once you have made your selection, click Edit.


You will be taken to a new page where you can select which edits you would like to make. Each setting has a drop-down menu which you can see by clicking on each field.

These are the settings that you can bulk edit and the options you have for each one:


Tags make your Sessions easier to filter and find.


You can choose to:

  • Add to existing
  • Remove from existing
  • Keep original selection
Note: The former two will open a text field where you can type in the tags you would like add/remove.

Who can watch

Change the permissions of who can watch the selected Sessions. For more information on permissions, check out our guide Attendee permissions for Sessions.


These are the options available:

  • Keep original selection
  • Anyone
  • Private (invitation only)
  • Specific Ticket Types
  • Unlisted (access via link)
Note: Additional fields will appear depending on the selection(s) you make.


Who can share audio/video

Change who can participate in your Sessions. For more information on permissions, check out Attendee permissions for Sessions.


These are the options available:

  • Keep original selection
  • Anyone
  • Invite Only
  • Moderated

Session display size

For more information setting up your Sessions, check out the Sessions Tutorial.


Change the size of the Sessions between:

  • Keep original selection
  • Medium 
  • Large


Change the Sessions' priority. The lower the number, the higher the priority, and therefore the higher it will be displayed in your list of Sessions within the event.


Sessions scheduling

Select if your Sessions are Scheduled or Always Open. 


  • Keep original selection
  • Schedulable (needs to be added to a schedule to be viewed by attendees)
  • Always on (can be viewed by attendees at any time throughout the event)

Maximum participants

Up to 50 people can be on-screen in a Session by default. You can adjust this number to only allow a certain number. See our guide Maximum On-Screen and Viewership Limits for more details.


YouTube Sharing

Change if you would like to be able to share YouTube directly to the Session. For more info on YouTube sharing, check out How to use YouTube Sharing in Sessions.


Choose to have it:

  • Keep original selection
  • Enabled
  • Disabled

Record sessions

Change whether you would like to record your sessions or not. Any recordings can be shared in the Replay area.


You can choose to:

  • Keep original selection
  • Record all selected sessions
  • Do not record all selected sessions

RTMP streaming

Change whether you would like to be able to stream to your Sessions via RTMP or mirror from a Stage. See our guide How to mirror an RTMP stream from another session/stage into your session for more.


You can choose to have this setting:

  • Keep original selection
  • Enabled
  • Disabled

Make sure you click Save to apply all of your changes.



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