How to remove a Session from the Schedule

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You may want to remove a Session from your schedule so that it is available throughout the entire event, and not just during scheduled segments. Or perhaps you would like to remove a Session from one particular segment.

Either way, you will need to go to the back end of your event to make the required edits. 

Removing a Session from one Schedule segment

Go to your Event Dashboard > Venue > Schedule and find the session that you would like to remove. Click the 3 dots on the right-hand side of the scheduled segment and select Remove. 


A pop-up should appear to confirm your choice, select OK and the segment will be removed. 

Removing a Session from the entire Schedule

Go to your Event Dashboard > Venue > Sessions page and find the Session you would like to edit. You can use the search and filter functions to find a Session more easily and then hover over the entry to display the action buttons. Click the pencil icon to Edit the Session. 


Here, under "Session scheduling" click the option that is called Always Open. 


If a Session is linked to your Schedule, you will be asked what you would like to happen to the associated Schedule segments. Select whether you would like them to be removed or if you would like for them to remain in the Schedule, without the Session linked. 



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