Segment Registrations (Onsite) Report

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This report includes everyone that reserved a seat to an onsite segment. It will show when they registered as well as when they checked in and out of the segment. This can allow you to track interest in different segments before and after your event. 

Note: As only attendees with Hybrid tickets can attend onsite segments, this report will not include anyone that has purchased a Virtual ticket to the event. 

To download the report go to Event Dashboard > Analytics > Reports, find the Segment registrations (Onsite) Report and click Generate


Once you have generated the report, click on the Download history tab (Analytics > Reports) and you should see your report at the top of the list. Hover over the report and the Download button will appear. Clicking on this will download the report to your computer. 


The No-Show Registrant Report will look something like this:


  • Name: the first and last names of the attendee
  • Email: the email of the attendee
  • Headline: the headline as inputted on the attendee's profile
  • Ticket: the name of the ticket purchased
  • Segment title: the title of the segment they booked a seat for
  • Segment type: the event area the segment was held in (this can be either Sessions or Stage)
  • Virtual space: title of the virtual space where the segment is happening
  • Segment registration time: time when the attendee registered to the segment
  • Onsite checked-in time: first time when the attendee checked-in in person at the segment
  • Onsite checked-out time (approximated): Last time when the attendee checked-out from the segment. In case the final check-out time has not been tracked, this value corresponds to the segment end time.
  • Onsite minutes spent (approximated): Minutes spent by the attendee at the segment in person, calculated by the time from the first check-in to the last check-out. In case the final check-out time has not been tracked, these values are approximated, calculated based on the segment end time. 


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