Requesting a Quote for Hopin In-person Logistics Services

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This article helps answer the question: Which questions will Hopin’s Account Executives ask to provide a quote?

In order to provide you with an accurate quote, we will need you to provide information using one of the following methods:

  1. Fill out this form
  2. Email your AE with answers to the below questions
  3. Speak with your AE and be prepared to answer the below questions

To understand what is included within the packages we offer, please visit Hopin In-person Logistics Services Packages Explained.

If you have already signed a quote, please visit Preparing a Hopin Consultant for In-person Logistics Services.

Questions we ask to Quote you for…

Note: These are only the required questions. There may be additional clarifying questions needed to provide an accurate quote.

ALL Logistics Services

  • Delivery / Rental Timeline – When would you need items delivered and, if applicable, return rental items? Example Answer: Delivery on January 1, 2022. Return on January 7, 2022.
  • Delivery Address – Where are these services being delivered? Example Answer: Venuesque 1111 Unknown Lane New York, NY 10019


  • Work Days – How many total setup, breakdown and live work days are you expecting technician service? Example Answer: 5 working days for 2 technicians
  • Area of Coverage – How large is the walking coverage area for the technician services? Example Answer: 5 minutes or less walking

Technician Service Notes

Legal Terms can be found at

  • Accommodations: Provided by the Client
  • Meals and Travel: Included and non-negotiable
  • Work Schedule: 12 Hours max with no additional overtime permitted. More than 12 hours in a single day requires an additional technician.

Technician Responsibilities

  • Oversee and assist in the set-up of the Supplier’s equipment prior to the event
  • Train the Client’s on-site staff on software, equipment use, and basic troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot the Supplier’s software and/or equipment during the event
  • NOT… Be responsible for configuring the Event Dashboard including, but not limited to editing guests lists, badge designs or any other pre-event settings
  • NOT… Directly check guests in or manage specific attendee issues


  • Attendees per Hour per Area – How many attendees are expected at each check-in area during the peak hour? Example Answer: 2 separate areas checking in 100 attendees per hour each
  • B&W or Color* – Will you need to print in B&W OR Color on-demand at registration? ***COLOR Printing REQUIRES ONSITE TECHNICIANS and BADGE PURCHASING because of the complexity involved in delivering the service. Example Answer: Black and White

On-demand Badge Printer Service Notes


  • Total In-person Attendees – How many attendees are expected?
  • Blank Only or Branded – Should consumables come blank (ie: inserts/labels) or have pre-printed designs? Example Answer: Blank badges only.
  • Branded Badges (IF MULTIPLE DESIGNS) – Each unique design requires a different print order so add the designs and quantities for each design to avoid additional costs or friction in production. Example Answer: 3 designs with quantities of 100 / 300 / 1,000
  • Lanyards – ONLY if you are BADGE PURCHASING, you could request lanyards that could be branded. Example Answer: We want lanyards for all the attendees.
  • Lanyards (IF MULTIPLE DESIGNS) – Each unique design requires a different print order so add the designs and quantities for each design to avoid additional costs or friction in production. Example Answer: 2 designs with quantities of 400 / 1,000
  • Badge Holders – ONLY if you are BADGE PURCHASING, you could request unbranded badge holders. Example Answer: We want badge holders for all the attendees.

Registration Badges Service Notes

  • Black & White Printer Badges will be either 4x6 OR 4x3, Tear-resistant OR Paper, and Double-sided OR Single-sided. Feel free to use Hopin In-person Logistics Services Templates to prepare the design.
  • Black & White Printer Labels are only blank and will be either 3x2 (DKN5224) OR 4x3 (DK4205).
  • Color Printer Badges are unique to the printer. For non-plastic color printing, you can use the same templates as the Black & White Badges because the sizes will remain the same. For printing plastic cards onsite, use the templates under “Color Printer Proprietary Badges“ on Hopin In-person Logistics Services Templates.
  • Lanyards will be less than 1-inch Wide, have Bulldog Clips (Single or Double) and will NOT be a biodegradable/environmentally friendly option. There is a standard template available on Hopin In-person Logistics Services Templates.
  • Badge Holders are Clear, Unbranded and will be either 4x3 or 4x6


  • Concurrent Active Scanners – How many doors/rooms will need scanners at the same time? Example Answer: 25 Scanners (25 Scanners for 10 Sessions)

Scanner Service Notes

  • Service will be delivered with iPhones or iPad Minis

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