How to setup signature collection for your event

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You may want to collect signatures for various reasons and now it is simpler than ever within your Hopin Onsite event. 

To get started, you will need to create an Onsite event or a Hybrid event.

Note: The interface for Onsite and Hybrid events may be slightly different but the same steps should apply. 

Next, go to your Event Dashboard > Onsite/Onsite Features > Signatures and then click Create a signature. If a signature has already been created for the event, you will instead see an Add signature button at the top of the page.


Next, input the following settings:

  • Signature name
  • Signature details - this will need to be the text dictating what your Attendee is agreeing to by providing a signature
  • Visibility - choose which ticket types will have to provide a signature (these will have to be created beforehand)

When you are happy with the settings, click Save in the top right hand corner. 


You will now see the new signature in the main page where you can edit, disable, duplicate, or delete them. You can see these functions by hovering over the entry and using the icons that appear on the right hand side. 


Signatures within the event

Attendees will see your signature requirement when signing in at a Kiosk at your Onsite event. 

Note: You will need to make sure you have Kiosk mode set up for signature collection to work. 

When requesting a signature from your Attendees, this is how it will look when they check in at your event. They will be able to review the text, draw their signature with their finger in the box provided, and click Next to check in. 



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