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After you have set up your Sessions within your event, you can learn how to manage it once your event is live.

Attendee Access

Once the event attendees switch to the Sessions segment on the left side panel and open a specific Session, they will have two modes: watching and participating.


Watching is simple; just join any Session and watch the Speakers talk or engage in a dedicated Session chat on the right-side panel.



Clicking Share audio and Video or Ask to Share Audio and Video means you want to participate on live video — people will be able to see and hear you in the session.

At the top of a session, you’ll notice the number of people speaking/max number allowed and the number of people watching the Session.


Speaker controls

Once you are on screen, you will have the following Speaker controls at the bottom centre of the Session:


  • Closed Captions. Turn closed captions on and off.
  • Camera. Toggles your webcam on and off.
  • Microphone. Toggles your microphone on and off.
  • YouTube sharing (if enabled). Opens a pop-up to enter a link to share a video directly from YouTube.
  • Screen share. Opens a screen-share menu.
    Tip: Check on our Presentation Slides and Sharing computer audio guides to screen share like a Pro.
  • Settings. Opens the hardware selection menu for you to choose the camera and microphone for this Session.

Plus, you can click on Leave at the top right corner to leave the Session at any time.

Pin a speaker

Attendees are able to pin a speaker to their screen by clicking the three dots by the speaker's video card, and then pin. This is especially useful when a speaker is sharing their screen and you want to make either the screen share bigger on the screen or the speaker. 

To unpin the speaker, repeat the process. 


Sharing a screen

Speakers can share a Chrome tab with sound on. Just make sure the sound starts playing before you share the screen.

  • Click the Screen sharing icon at the bottom of the page
  • Switch to Chrome Tab on the popup window and choose the required browser tab
  • Check the Share audio box
  • Click Share to start sharing


E.g. Sharing a Google Slides presentation or playing a video in a browser tab with sound can be supported on the latest version of Google Chrome browser.

Note: Firefox browser doesn’t support sharing a tab with Sound yet.

As a speaker how do I leave a panel without leaving a Session?

Since the limit of participants on screen (with audio and video) is 50, it is good practice to free up a spot when someone has finished participating in a live panel. To do so simply click the 'Leave' button at the top right of a session's screen, this way the spot will be released for someone else to join while still being able to watch the session.

Note: Turning audio/video off does not release one of the 50 spots. For moderated sessions, the moderator can free up spots by removing participants using the moderator tool at the bottom left of a session's screen.


Each session has its own group chat, separate from the event-wide chat. As a viewer, you can interact with the people who are in the session via chat using the Session chat. This is a great place to ask questions and engage with people on-camera when you don’t want to be on-camera yourself.

Check out this article on how to use the chat feature!

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